Insomniac’s Outernauts Ditches Facebook and Kongregate for iOS

Insomniac says it doesn’t have enough resources to run three platforms at once.

It’s been about a year and a half since Ratchet & Clank devs Insomniac decided to jump into the social space with its Pokemon-esque game Outernauts. The idea was to create a title that traditional gamers would actually want to play on a social platform. Now, it’s shutting down the Facebook and Kongregate versions on January 31st to better focus on the upcoming iOS version.

“While we’d love to be able to keep running Outernauts on Facebook, Kongregate AND iOS, we simply don’t have the resources to do so at our high standards,” Insomniac posted on its website. ” What does that mean? Honestly, it means we wouldn’t be able to create new content for all three platforms and more importantly, properly address player inquiries. We have to pick where we focus, and we’re going to focus on iOS (and eventually Android).”

Apparently, the iOS version won’t be just a port, but an entire overhaul. Insomniac will be streamlining the game to focus on the breeding and battling elements, as well as adding new content. “In other words,” says Insomniac, “we’ve evolved Outernauts specifically for iOS”. There will be a rewards system in place for existing players, which will be fully detailed before the dreaded shutdown.

Sudden closer notice is never a fun thing, so Insomniac is opening up its arms to feedback. You can reach it via forums, twitter, and email. Being Insomniac’s first flash-based game, Outernauts has certain had a lot of growing pains, and it looks like it’s only just getting started.

Source: Insomniac Games

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