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Instinction Gameplay Teases a Dino Crisis-Inspired Shooter, Playtest Soon

Future Game Show 2023: Hashbane reveals an Instinction gameplay trailer with playtest & Steam Early Access for its Dino Crisis-like shooter.

Hashbane finally reappeared during Future Game Show 2023 to debut an Instinction gameplay trailer, giving us a much better look at its realistic dinosaur shooter. It’s a one-minute trailer that mostly serves as a showcase for its glistening jungle settings and the prehistoric beasts that inhabit it. From charging triceratops to towering brontosauruses, each of the dinos the game has to offer seems both highly dangerous and beautiful. You can see how Instinction mixes Jurassic Park and Dino Crisis in the gameplay trailer below.

Today’s Instinction gameplay also revealed that it will come to PC via Steam Early Access sometime later this year, and players can sign up for Instinction playtests at now, with tests planned to start “soon.” A full release is still quite a ways away, of course, but it’s nice to know that there is at least something to look forward to after such a long wait.

Instinction was revealed in 2021 as an action-adventure dinosaur exploration game, and the developers have promised that it will feature a “layered narrative” that follows the story of its protagonist, April Summers. In-between quests and close calls with dinosaurs, players will solve puzzles and discover a world that was once thought to be forgotten. While Instinction does feature full FPS gameplay, you’ll have the freedom to switch between first- and third-person views on the fly.

Hashbane says that it has big plans for Instinction in 2023, so stay tuned for additional information while we wait for updates. For more on this Dino Crisis-inspired adventure, you can read our interview with Hashbane, where the team opened up about their experiences and the dinosaurs players can expect to encounter.

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