This much is certain, the Fallout MMOG will have deserts, and it will have crazy people.

Fallout Online has had a troubled past, peppered with money woes and court cases, but it seems that things are finally starting to move. People who signed up to the Fallout Online mailing list found three teaser images in their inbox this week, accompanied by the text: “There are many stories and many more tall tales about life in the wastelands, this is one of them…”

The images contain a picture of a mine in the desert and a transcript of a traveler identified only as Les talking to a “ragskin” called “Fast Eddie” about “Menkey Butte Mine,” or as Eddie calls it, “Monkey Butt Mine.” Les appears to be scouting the area out for some unnamed organization he belongs to, and is reporting back what he’s found. Eddie speaks quickly and barely pauses, running a couple of paragraphs into a single long sentence.

“First thing is call it Monkey Butt Mine everyone does so don’t sat the other or people will think yer a rube and just fell off the turnip truck, thud,” says Eddie via Les’s report. “So it’s north and west of here, ya see, or west-and-north but that’s a matter of choice which is a funny word cause it’s like good eatin’ like some juicy Brahmin steak, if two heads are better than one, why’re Brahmin dummer than dirt?”

Eddie continues in the same vein, talking about the ghouls to the north and the “tickers” to the south. He also offers his thoughts on what the collective noun for radscorpions should be. You can read the transcript for yourself here and here.

At the minute we’ve not seen anything playable, and probably won’t for some time, but if Fast Eddie is indicative of what we can expect from the world of Fallout Online, it should be a very colorful place indeed.

Source: Destructoid

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