You know those imaginary people that always need rescuing in videogames? Their lives suck.

In Q-Games’ PixelJunk Shooter, the player has to shoot his/her way through subterranean areas while rescuing as many of the game’s cute, trapped researchers as possible. While it’s all done in a lighthearted manner gameplay-wise, in reality those videogame men/women are seriously depressed.

Q-Games has put out the first in a conceptually humorous video series that delves into what it’s like to be a helpless videogame character. When you could accidentally be shot by your rescuer, or engulfed in lava by misplaced bullets, life gets tough.

The video series is called the “Survivor Files.” The first video is a mock interview with one of those cute little men, as an actual man, who details why he went to PixelJunk Shooter‘s planet and how he almost didn’t make it off alive.

“I was in a pool of magma, just drifting in a protective capsule when I was rescued,” he reveals. “I was so scared I thought I’d die from fright.” He also hates cheese, but loves eggplants.

It’s all part of an effort by Q-Games to promote PixelJunk Shooter 2, which is planned for release in March on the PlayStation Network. Just remember, while the life and death of helpless virtual people might be nothing but a game to you, they have feelings and fears just like the rest of us. Be a little more careful, huh?

Source: GameSetWatch

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