Interview with ZZ

Press Conference with J-Rock sensation “ZZ”


Fanime 2005 5/29/05
ZZ is a popular J-Rock band from Japan. They’re well known among the anime fans for producing the end theme to One Piece, A to Z. This was their first trip to the U.S. to perform in front of an American audience.

1. What has been your favorite part of the convention?
Sotaro: It’s our first time in the U.S. We were worried how the American fans would react to us. I was very happy that they were very warm and welcoming.

2. The fans would like to know, are any of you married?
Kyama: No, but I would like to be.

3. How are American fans different then Japanese fans?
American fans are more energetic and easy to excite in a crowd. They also want more from you. American fans will ask for hugs, Japanese fans will ask for a hand shake.

4. What advice do you have do you have for others who are trying to get into the music business?
Sotaro: Continue doing what you want to and don’t give up.
Matsura: Actually start doing it.

5. Erichi, what’s it like being the only girl?
Erichi: They treat me as an equal, so I’ve never felt like I’ve had any problems because I am a girl.

6. Other then the concert, what’s your favorite thing that’s happened?
Erichi: Playing Mahjong with American rules.
Sotaro: The Farmers Market.
Matsura: My breakfast came with 100% pure orange juice.
Kyama: In Japan the toilette paper is placed on the side of you, and it also has a lid so you can tear it. In my hotel room the toilette paper was placed behind me and had no lid, so I had fun getting more and more toilette paper. “I love the restroom!” (Said in English) “Me too!” (Said in English by Matsura)
Kohsuke: I was happy when I went shopping every time I could communicate with someone. My English is not very goods the small instances make me happy.
Yoshihiro: The morning walks. “You haven’t been on any!” (Said by the rest of the group members.)

7. What is weird, or you do not understand about American Culture?
Erichi: Why people wear tank tops when it’s cold out.
Sotaro: There aren’t many things, after all we are all people. However in Japan the cars drive on the other side of the street, so when I cross the street I’m always checking the wrong way, it’s extremely scary.
Matsura: In Japan, a large is the size of a small. Here the food is bigger, it’s too big for your mouth!
Kyama: It’s difficult getting used to tipping. Tipping isn’t done in Japan so I don’t really understand it, and don’t know how much to put.
Kohsuke: I haven’t found anything I don’t understand. But I’m jealous of how friendly the people are here.
Yoshihiro: I love to watch TV, but there are so many channels I don’t get any sleep at night. It’s messed up my schedule.

8. What is your motivation to continue doing music?
Kyama: Each other, we all support each other and go by certain rules, like never lying to each other.

9. How did you all meet?
Sotaro: We’re all form the same area so we met at home.

10. What’s something you want to do in the U.S. that you haven’t gotten a chance to do yet?
Erichi: Get a hair cut. “Really?” (Said by everyone.) Yes, in my head I have an image of an American hair cut. I think American hair cuts are very stylish and I would like to go to a salon and see how it looks.
Sotaro: Eat a huge steak!
Matsura: Purchase CD’s and DVD’s because they’re cheaper here and also see a live performance of an American band.
Kyama: See the ocean. In Japan all the beaches face the east and south, you can only see the sun rise. I would like to see the sun set here on the west coast.
Yoshihiro: I would like to see a sporting event.

11. Why is the band named, “ZZ”?
Sotaro: We were all in a noodle shop thinking of names, we think the name came from the sound you make when you slurp noodles.

12. What do you do in your time off?
Erichi: Cooking, cleaning, sleeping.
Sotaro: I’m a soccer fan, so I play soccer.
Matsura: BBS on the internet.
Kyama: I surf.
Kohsuke: I play video games.
Yoshihiro: Take walks, of course.

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