If it’s Tuesday, it must be time to announce the new Humble Introversion Bundle!

Truth be told, Tuesday has nothing to do with it, but there does seem to be an awful lot of Humble Bundles popping up these days. The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle wrapped up in mid-October; the Humble Voxatron Bundle breezed into our lives in early November; and now, before December even has a chance to put in an appearance on our calendars, comes the all-new Humble Introversion Bundle, featuring the full lineup of the indie studio Introversion: Uplink, Darwinia, Multiwinia and Defcon.

And that’s not all! As usual, folks who pony up more than the average bundle price will get some extra goodies for their money. This time around it’s the fantastic Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe, two wonderful titles that make this a truly primo package. But there’s more – for Windows gamers, anyway. The Humble Introversion Bundle also includes two prototype tech demos, the Subversion City Generator that demonstrates the use of procedural generation to build a complete and detailed city environment, and the Voxel Tech Demo, which shows off destructible voxel buildings.

You’re probably familiar with most of these games already but just in case you need a little coaxing, Darwinia, Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe each won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival in 2006, 2007 and 2008 respectively, while Defcon is possibly the most atmospheric, dreamily beautiful incinerate-the-planet game ever created. And with the average purchase price currently parked at $3.59… well, I don’t think I need to say anymore.

As usual with Humble Bundles, payments can be divvied up in any portions between the developers, Child’s Play, the EFF and the Humble Bundle folks themselves. And here’s an interesting factoid for anyone who doubts that these pay-what-you-want deals are doing a major solid for a couple of good causes: Humble Bundles have so far raised more than $2.5 million for charity. So point yourself at humblebundle.com and do what needs to be done!

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