Iron Danger is a tactical adventure game from Action Squad Studios that combines turn-based combat with real-time action. Both the premise and the gameplay of Iron Danger revolve around one core mechanic — time manipulation.

You take control of Kipuna, an ordinary village girl saved from death by an ancient being who imbues her with the ability to rewind time and prevent her demise. With her newfound power, Kipuna is tasked with collecting magical shards that will grant her new abilities and restore the being that saved her life. Along the journey, one of three additional characters will accompany Kipuna as a controllable companion to complete the level.

Iron Danger delivers on its promise to combine real-time and turn-based gameplay to create a time-bending mechanic that opens up new possibilities for the genre. Unfortunately, an engaging narrative does not accompany the polished combat. Nonetheless, players are still offered a strong gameplay experience that is easy to understand but challenging to perfect in the 12 or so hours of content.

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Review copy provided by the publisher. Reviewed on PC.

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