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Is Amanda the Adventurer Scary?

Is Amanda the Adventurer Scary?

Amanda the Adventurer has you unraveling the mystery surrounding an early 2000s TV show. It features janky computer animation, grainy VHS tapes, and more lore than you can throw a stick at. There’s also a low key sense of menace in the game’s marketing that might have you wondering if Amanda the Adventurer is scary. We have the answer.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Amanda The Adventurer’s Fear Factor. 

We wouldn’t describe Amanda the Adventurer as scary in the sense that you’re constantly on edge. There are very few outright scary moments and next to no jump scares. So, if you’re worried about this being a Five Nights at Freddy’s-style experience, rest assured. You’ll be fine.

So why, then, is it described as a horror game? Because it is deeply, deeply unsettling. You might not be outright terrified, but there’s a real sense of unease pervading the game. And the more you explore the game’s lore, the more disturbing it gets. 

Even if you don’t, the video tapes you watch go from slightly off to very, very messed-up. If you’ve ever watched any of the shows Amanda the Adventurer draws upon, you might find it extra unsettling. 

If Five Nights at Freddy’s is Resident Evil, flinging zombies, dogs, and mutants at you, then Amanda the Adventurer is Silent Hill with all its slow-burning chills. So, no Amanda the Adventurer is not scary, but it’s definitely disturbing. 

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