Since information is conflicting, here is the official answer to whether season 3 is the last season of Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+.

The first two seasons of Star Trek: Picard were disappointing, to say the least. Fans clamored for the series after it was announced that Patrick Stewart would be returning to the famous role of Jean-Luc Picard, but they were treated to two pretty bad seasons of television afterward, both crammed full of the wrong kind of nostalgia and stories that made very little sense. However, Star Trek: Picard returns for season 3, and this season is its last chance to live up to the hype that accompanied it when it was originally announced.

Season 3 Is the Last Season of Star Trek: Picard but Maybe Not the End

That’s right — this is the last season. This fact has been confirmed by not only the show’s creators but Paramount+ itself and Patrick Stewart, who has stated that it was always planned as a three-season show. The third season has been routinely promoted as a last hurrah as it brings back almost the entire bridge cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, after months of speaking about the third season as the final show, both Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman and Patrick Stewart have actually left open the door for another season to maybe possibly occur if the situation is right. That’s right (again) — there may be a chance for more Picard, though as of now season 3 is the final season.

“When we started the series, Patrick [Stewart] and we all talked about really wanting it to just be three years, feeling like we could really tell a complete story with the season you’re now seeing as our endpoint,” Alex Kurtzman told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “That being said, anything is possible. If a show blows the doors off the place, as we’re certainly hoping it will, and we’re very, very proud of Season 3, who knows?”

Stewart also said that he would be happy to return for more seasons, saying, “If we can maintain the work that we did on Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Picard, then absolutely, yes,” Stewart says. “Because there is still enormous potential for narrative in what we’ve been doing, and there are doors left open, still. We didn’t close all of them.”

It’s not clear if Stewart actually watched the first two seasons of Picard if he’s hoping to maintain what they did in them, but clearly the EP and star of a show saying they’d come back for more means that there could be more. Still, as of now, season 3 is the end of Picard. As such, they have treated the show as a massive nostalgia fest, with not only the full cast and crew returning but a host of series villains as well.

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