Is Protagonist Cole McGrath Being Recast for InFamous Sequel?


A sequel to this year’s InFamous may be in the works with a brand new Cole McGrath, according to an accidental leak via Twitter.

Oh, that wacky Twitter. Spur-of-the-moment microblogging can be both astoundingly convenient – for, say, Tweeting about your exciting experience mere moments after having your plane being crash-land in the Hudson River – and also astoundingly inconvenient … particularly if you’re trying to keep something a secret (just ask Peter Molyneux).

Consequently, there may be more than a few people over at InFamous development studio Sucker Punch who are busy /facepalming today thanks to this Tweet from actor David Sullivan: “First voiceover/motion capture audition today for a video game. Re-casting of Cole in the sequel of Infamous. “I’ll melt your face.” e.g”

This leads us to believe that A.) Sucker Punch is busy working on InFamous 2 (oh, like you didn’t see that one coming) and B.) that main character Cole McGrath may not be the same as you remember him.

Of course, there’s no official announcement yet and Sony is being predictably tight-lipped as reports G4, so for now this goes straight into the proverbial “unconfirmed” bin. (Also, Mr. Sullivan, you might want to start looking for work someplace else. I can’t imagine Sucker Punch is all that happy with you at the moment).

(Via Joystiq)

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