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Is there a Post Credit Scene for Secret Invasion Episode 6?

Here is the full answer to whether there is a post-credit scene in the Secret Invasion episode 6 finale on Disney+.

Secret Invasion’s sixth episode brings the series to an end in a fashion that, amongst other things, sets up the movie The Marvels. Marvel is known for including mid- and post-credit scenes in its shows, so you might well be wondering if there is a post-credit scene for Secret Invasion episode 6 — here is the full answer.

Explaining Whether There Is a Post-Credit Scene for the Secret Invasion Episode 6 Finale

After Secret Invasion’s credits finish, there’s nothing. There is no post-credit scene, no mid-credits scene. And there’s no teaser for Armor Wars, the movie that Secret Invasion was going to set up. Armor Wars was, at one point, set to be a series, but it’s now a single film.

There’s also no teaser for The Marvels, though we’ve already had two trailers for that movie. Perhaps the lack of a post-credit scene is a positive, as the show leaves viewers with a few things to mull over.

I’ve still not forgiven Marvel for Thor: Ragnarok’s post-credit scene, which leads into Avengers: Infinity War. It takes a great, upbeat ending and then reminds you that the next film begins with — well, I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s a bit of a downer.

So the answer to whether there is a post-credit scene for the Secret Invasion episode 6 finale is no, and that’s everything you need to know about that. Next up, check out Darren Mooney’s review of the Secret Invasion finale and why it is really, really not good.

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