Isotx has announced the release of CrosuS, its new Game Management System for the PC that automatically keeps games up to date.

CrosuS searches for the latest updates to any installed PC games, as well as other content including mods, maps, tools, news, reviews and other information. The system works with a rapidly growing number of games, including old-school classics as well as the newest releases, and also supports Steam and Xfire.

The system scans hard drives for installed games, then generates a list of patches, online mods, tools and other resources which can be downloaded and installed directly from the CrosuS client. CrosuS will also allow gamers to find the latest news and game reviews, offer feedback and comments to mod makers, chat with other players via the integrated IRC client and organize competitions and tournaments with other players.

CrosuS is much, much more than just a retail channel,” said Isotx chief Bryon Rupp. “It brings together all of the latest information and updates and puts it right at the gamer’s fingertips. It makes finding and playing new content as simple as possible, it puts the gamer right at the heart of everything on their PC.”

“We realized that hunting for new mods, installing them and getting them to work was eating into the time we could spend actually playing – and decided there HAD to be a better way,” added CrosuS Project Manager Patrick Flanagan. “CrosuS makes it simple to get the very most out of your PC and spend your time doing the fun stuff instead of the searching, installing and troubleshooting.”

More information and a direct download link to the CrosuS client is available at

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