It Takes Two, EA Play, Josef Fares, Hazelight, A Way Out

Hazelight is continuing its trend of co-op-centered games with its latest title, It Takes Two. Revealed as part of EA Play Live 2020, the A Way Out developer shared a brief look at the game as well as a 2021 launch window. See how you and a friend will conquer platforming challenges in the studio’s latest via the trailer below.

Hazelight’s aim to create a revolutionary co-op experience with It Takes Two is apparent from the get-go. Centered on teamwork-based, action-adventure platforming, players will have to navigate through the game’s world with mechanics and features not found in other contenders in its genre. Players take control of one of two dolls created by a little girl with soon-to-be separated parents. Studio head Josef Fares says It Takes Two mixes emotion and mechanics together to create a roller coaster of an experience.

The studio’s previous game, A Way Out, was similarly focused on co-op play, though Fares has also previously worked on Starbreeze Games’ Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Hazelight’s co-op prison escape game saw players work together while on the run from the law, while Fares’ previous work at Starbreeze encouraged co-op play through the perspective of, well, two brothers. Either way, the studio is well-known for its cooperation-focused gameplay, making It Takes Two another promising addition to its lineup.

EA had plenty of announcements lined up for EA Play, including the presence of Respawn Entertainment and the gameplay for Star Wars: Squadrons.

EA and Hazelight have scheduled It Takes Two to launch in 2021.

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