This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews It Takes Two.

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People often say to me “Yahtzee, why is it that you avoid multiplayer games, and when will you let me off this red hot grating?” Well, you know, it’s just that I prefer playing games to relax and unwind at my own pace and not be disappointed once again by other people and their unwillingness to learn how to tap dance properly. But as I said in my Outriders review stroke widdling session, I can appreciate a multiplayer game that actually designs itself around an essential multiplayer experience and isn’t just chucking three extra players into The Adventures Of Captain Scowlybuff and his Many Identical Friends for the sake of maximising user engagement the way one maximises the food order of an unpopular restaurant critic with the addition of bogeys and spit. So when my editor asked me to check out It Takes Two, a two and strictly only two player game, I was like “I’m down for that, as long as it’s not like that last strictly two player game I played, the laughably awful A Way Out, by Hazelight Studios, which played like if David Cage tried to adapt the Shawshank Redemption, realised it wasn’t long enough and filled in the rest of the time with three random DVDs he found in a bargain bin. Who’s this new game by, anyway? Oh. Hazelight Studios. Well, that might have been embarrassing for someone capable of shame.

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