Dreampainters’ new horror game Anna adjusts in real time to your actions.

Italian independent developer Deampainters has devised a first person horror game, for those of you who feel they don’t have enough terror in their lives. The game, Anna, will send you on a delightful journey through the Italian alpine countryside; its reactive AI will make sure you enjoy every single moment, one way or the other, by adjusting the environment in real time to your actions.

“It’s not about the character,” the trailer promises, “It’s about you.” The game will pay attention to the things you pay attention to, and use those hints against you like an expert poker player reading your tells. According to the developer, Anna’s secret is real-time rendering with explorable environments, allowing the user to direct the show by exploring the environment as he or she sees fit. Get a bit too obsessed with an environmental detail, and all of a sudden you’ll be seeing that detail wherever you go.

The game is only three hours long but there are three separate plot paths you could follow, so if you were to explore each and every path to its conclusion then the whole experience is about nine hours more or less. It’s currently only available for PC, though the developers are considering a Mac port at some stage.

The game is set in the Val d’Ayas, a mountainous region better known for its skiing than its psychological horror shows. Dreampainters has said Anna’s plot is based on ancient legends unique to the locale and deny any link between its game and a brutal child murder in nearby Cogne, for which the baby’s mother Anna Maria Franzoni was convicted in 2007.

It’s out now for a mere $10, should you be feeling a burning desire to lighten your wallet. For more information, check out the Dreampainters website.

Source: Eurogamer


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