Italian Jedi Get All The Best Lightsaber Schools


Ever wanted to be a Jedi? Do you live in Milan, Rome, Turin, Genoa, Varese, Pesaro or Vercelli?

Yes, Lightsaber School is a real thing, but if you want to be part of it then I hope you live in Italy. Gaze upon the shiny that is LudoSport, an Italian school for aspiring Jedi Knights. The fighting style’s a mix of medieval, Kendo and film-based techniques, and the sabers are as real as the students can manage without actually making something that could sever limbs.

“It helps distract me after a hard day’s work,” says student Valeria Ricciardi, “and also keeps me fit!” The sabers aren’t cheap, at about 200 Euro ($270) a shot, but thankfully the only other gear you need is a sweatsuit, indoor sneakers and protective gloves. There’s no choreography involved; the whole point is to create a working fighting technique, and if you’re wondering what that looks like, take a gander at the Shadow Team.

The school’s already got seven branches, including its head office in Milan, with more on the way.

Source: LudoSport

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