It’s A Trap!


Dedicated Lego and Star Wars fan Thomas Benedikt has created the Holy Grail of Lego Star Wars models, Admiral Ackbar’s flagship Home One.

The whole process took 11 months from start to finish, and the resulting model is just under seven feet long and built to scale with the official Lego Star Destroyer. Benedikt used a program called LDraw, a CAD program designed with Lego bricks in mind, to design the model, but found the actual construction to be more than a little troublesome.

The model is made up of over 30,000 bricks, weighs 52lbs, and cost a bank breaking $5,500! What is even more remarkable about the model though, and what made it so difficult to build, is that it contains no right angles, quite a feat considering the somewhat rectangular nature of Lego. Benedikt’s desire to include a system of internal lighting made the build much more difficult. He tried a variety of techniques before discovering one that worked, attaching transparent studs to hinges to allow the light to shine through.

Some people might argue that this is an act of obsession, but I’m not listening to them because the model is freaking awesome. A detailed description of its creation, as well as some larger images, can be found here.

Source: via Gizmodo

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