For the highly-anticipated anniversary of the critically acclaimed The Escapist, we’ve pulled out all the stops. For starters, we’ll be launching a brand-spankin’ new site, complete with all kinds of web-tacular bells and whistles the most important of which will be the new web site itself.

The magazine will remain intact from cover-to-cover, but the new will be a gateway to much, much more. While the weekly magazine cover will have a prominent place on this new site, we’ll also be devoting screen space to snippets from our other offerings; some old, some new.

The Escapist Lounge is getting a facelift and will take its place on the front page alongside a brand-new news feature. The Escapist Lounge will continue to be the place to go for hard-hitting commentary and editorializing on the wacky world of videogaming, butThe News Room will now be the place to find the latest gaming news of interest to the educated gamer. You’ll get the whole scoop on The News Room tomorrow, but what I can say now is that everything you’ve come to love about The Escapist brand of gaming journalism will be extended into the realm of news gathering. You may now begin trembling with joy.

The second-most exciting new feature we’ll be launching is the new community forum. The Forum will be THE place to meet and discuss articles from The Escapist, issues of particular relevance, games and any other damn thing you’d like to discuss with the high-minded folks who bring you The Escapist, the developers who frequent our site and gamers like yourself. We’re quite confident that there isn’t another community quite like ours, and we look forward to being able to share it with you.

And yes, all of this (estimated retail value of ten gazillion dollars) will be available for the low, low price of free. But wait! There’s more!

But I can’t tell you about it. Yet …

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