It’s Games Galore at the London Comic Con

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The London Comic Con is coming this weekend and it’s bringing a whole lot of cool videogaming stuff with it.

We live in a crazy, mixed-up world, but even so, some pairings are as natural as green grass and blue sky. Peanut butter and chocolate. Liz and Dick. And of course, comic books and videogames. So it is that the London Comic Con, which goes down May 27-29, will also offer up a heapin’ helpin’ of gaming goodness, including three titles making their European debuts.

Headlining the gaming fun at the MCM Expo London Comic Con are Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition from Capcom, Atari’s action RPG Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale and the “all-girl fighter” Arcana Heart 3, all making their first public appearances in Europe. There will also be previews of the upcoming Red Faction Armageddon, Child of Eden, Shadows of the Damned and my personal pick of the litter, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

And that’s not all! Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, Lucius, Duels of the Planeswalkers and the PS3-exclusive Okabu wll all be on display, while Atari rolls out the world premiere of its Warlords remake, due out this summer. Creative Assembly is holding a retrospective look at the strategy game Shogun 2: Total War, there will be a multiplayer Red Faction Armageddon tournament and even a Super Street Fighter IV cosplay competition. Nintendo is showing up and so is Microsoft, to show the upcoming Gears of War 3. Oh, and I suppose there will probably some comic books, too.

If that sounds like a jam-packed weekend of awesome to you and you’re going to be in London for the next few days, be sure not to miss it. More information about the 2011 MCM Expo London Comic Con is available at

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