Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is upon us once again: here’s what there is to watch.

Moviemakers have known for years that the best entertainment is fictional, but Discovery Channel is really only just getting into the game with a Shark Week programming lineup that reads more like a list of B-movies than documentaries. Still, fans of these dangerous creatures — whether the Sharknado-style or the real thing — will find something worth watching in Discovery’s slate of shark-centric programming this week. Here’s what’s on deck (all times in Eastern):

  • Sharkzilla, Monday 4PM
  • Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine, Monday 5PM, Sunday 8PM
  • Air Jaws: Fin of Fury, Monday 7PM, Wednesday 4PM
  • Great White Serial Killer, Monday 8PM, Friday 5PM
  • Jaws Strikes Back, Monday 9PM, Tuesday 7PM, Friday 6PM, Saturday 4PM
  • Monster Hammerhead, Monday 10PM, Tuesday 8PM, Saturday 7PM
  • Adrift: 47 Days with Sharks, Tuesday 4PM
  • Return of Jaws, Tuesday 5PM
  • I Escaped Jaws, Tuesday 6PM, Thursday 4PM
  • Alien Sharks: Return To The Abyss, Tuesday 9PM, Wednesday 7PM, Saturday 5PM
  • Lair of The Mega Shark, Tuesday 10PM, Wednesday 8PM, Saturday 6PM
  • Voodoo Sharks, Wednesday 5PM
  • Alien Sharks, Wednesday 6PM
  • Zombie Sharks, Wednesday 9PM, Thursday 8PM, Sunday 5PM
  • Spawn of Jaws: The Birth, Wednesday 10PM, Thursday 7PM
  • Great White Gauntlet, Thursday 5PM
  • Sharkpocalypse, Thursday 6PM
  • I Escaped Jaws II, Thursday 9PM, Friday 7PM
  • Sharkageddon, Thursday 10PM, Saturday 8PM, Sunday 4PM
  • Megalodon: The Extended Cut, Friday 8PM
  • Megalodon: The New Evidence, Friday 10PM, Sunday 7PM
  • Great White Matrix, Saturday 9PM, Saturday 11PM, Sunday 6PM
  • Sharksanity, Saturday 10PM

With titles like this you should expect just as much science fiction as actual science — Discovery has taken flack in the past for using psuedoscience to boost ratings, and this year is likely to be no different — but if you’re just in Shark Week for the B-movie glory of it, this lineup has you covered. Set your DVRs now!

Source: Discovery Channel

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