It’s The Amazing Minecraft Dot Matrix Printer!

The list of things you can do in Minecraft just got a little longer and a whole lot cooler.

Every time I think I’ve seen the limit of what can be done with Minecraft, some enterprising individual comes along to demonstrate that I am wrong. The latest example of “nope” comes from a Planet Minecraft user by the name of ACtennisAC, who used the game to create “something really cool” – a printer!

Printers aren’t the sort of thing most people would classify as really cool, but this isn’t something you’d pick up on the cheap at your local Radio Shack: This is a fully-functional printer built entirely in Minecraft that allows users to draw simple color images on a 9×6 grid and then print them out. The mechanics, according to the narrator, are based on the work of YouTube user Sethbling, who posted a video earlier this month explaining how to make “spawner-minecarts.” ACtennisAC was able to adapt that system to his own to make it output different colored “ink” that corresponds to the image input into the chest. After that, some more stuff happens, and then some magic, and boom! Picture!

I don’t play Minecraft so the technical details of all this stuff goes way over my head, but the bottom line here is that this person – this young person, based on the voice and the YouTube comments – has built a functioning color dot matrix printer within the confines of a videogame, which is both impressive and very cool. If you want to see it in action yourself, you can download the mod from Planet Minecraft, and take a look at ACtennisAC’s other work while you’re there – including a working Creeper machine gun that may well be the cutest belt-fed weapon system ever made.

Source: Planet Minecraft

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