Actor-musician Jack Black strapped on some ridiculous foam muscle arms in order to get into character as Brutal Legend‘s Eddie Riggs at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

With Brutal Legend hitting stores next month on Rocktober 13th, the advertising machine seems to be kicking into gear – at last night’s 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Tenacious D singer and actor Jack Black showed up in costume as main character Eddie Riggs to promote the game. Black slapped on a greasy-looking wig, got into some ridiculous-looking foam muscle arms, and was happy to pose with a battle-axe, which despite the theme of the game was probably not metal.

Sure, Eddie the heavy metal roadie is probably a good deal younger than the 40-year-old Black, but he manages to pull it off – well, sort of. It’s not the best cosplay job I’ve ever seen, but it’s not awful, either. It’s always nice to see celebrities get into gaming and nerding out a bit – yeah, Jack Black has a bit of a stake in Brutal Legend‘s success, and probably wants to do everything in his power to make sure the game sells well once it finally comes out next month after delays and lawsuits, but no one forced him to dress up like his character from the game, right?

Probably not, anyway. Though it is amusing to imagine Tim Schaefer strapping an electric collar to Jack Black’s neck in order to shock him if he doesn’t comply.

(Just Jared, via Joystiq)

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