Infamous videogame hater Jack Thompson has threatened Northern Illinois University with a lawsuit in relation to the killing of five students at the university last Thursday.

Thompson is seeking copies of “all documents that reveal Steven Kazmierczak’s play of violent videogames,” he said in a letter sent to the public safety department at NIU as well as to GamePolitics. Thompson centers out Counter-Strike as the game the killer used to “rehearse” for the attacks, adding, “The killers in the two worst school massacres in history – in Erfurt, Germany, and at Virginia Tech University – similarly trained on Counter-Strike to rehearse for their killing sprees.”

“If I am not provided with this information,” Thompson added, “I shall bring a civil action to secure these documents.”

On February 14, Kazmierczak, 27, killed five people and then himself on February 14, three weeks after going off his anti-depression medication. His girlfriend, Jessica Baty, said he stopped taking the medication because “it made him feel like a zombie,” but denied reports that he had been behaving erratically since then.

When contacted to confirm he had sent the letter, Thompson referred to Dennis McCauley of GamePolitics as an “idiot.”

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