James Bond’s SPECTRE Stands Revealed In New Trailer


According to the new SPECTRE trailer, Daniel Craig’s James Bond will hunt a villainous organization with direct ties to his rebooted past.

James Bond was never a franchise that needed explicit reboots – it could just move onto alternate threats, villains, and Bond girls with a new actor and little fuss. Yet Daniel Craig’s run has been proving that notion wrong, as films like Casino Royale and Skyfall explore Bond’s origins while reimaging the MI6 characters introduced alongside Sean Connery. Now the latest 007 film will focus on the biggest Bond villains of all: SPECTRE, the international cabal which set the standard for evil spy organizations. After behind the scenes glimpses, a new trailer is finally showing us what to expect, and it’s an interesting twist – SPECTRE isn’t hunting Bond, Bond is hunting SPECTRE.

After Bond receives a cryptic message, he immediately goes on a rogue mission to Mexico, much to the disappointment of M and the head of London’s Centre for National Security. With his privileges seemingly revoked Bond turns to Q and Moneypenny for help in tracking down Madeleine Swann (played by Léa Seydoux) – the daughter of his enemy Mr. White from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. But Swann only is only the tip of the iceberg, revealing the existence of SPECTRE and Franz Oberhauser (played by Christopher Waltz) – both of which have ties with Bond stretching back to Casino Royale.

There’s still quite a bit of mystery revolving around SPECTRE and its connection to Bond, but I have to admit, I’m very excited to see where it leads. The trailer also does a fantastic job of referencing Bond film history – complete with the shadowed SPECTRE leaders and Bond disguising himself as Live and Let Die‘s Baron Samedi. Of course if you’re not interested in Bond’s rebooted villains, SPECTRE still has all the movie action you’d expect – from chases in spy cars, to explosions at Mexico’s Day of the Dead, to a fist-fight in a flying helicopter.

SPECTRE will launch in North America on Nov. 6, 2015, but if you’re in the UK you can catch it on Oct. 26.

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