James Franco and Seth Rogen Will Take Down Kim Jong-un in The Interview


Comedy duo drafted to assassinate North Korean dictator in new action comedy

The first trailer has just hit for The Interview, a highly-anticipated fall comedy that will reunite the director and (two of) the stars of last year’s surprise hit This Is the End.

The premise? James Franco is the clueless host of low-rent tabloid TV show who is unexpectedly informed that eccentric North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is a fan of the show and wants Franco’s character to be the first Western journalist he grants an interview to. But before they can set out for their destination, the would-be interviewer and his producer/buddy (Seth Rogen) are contacted by the CIA – who want them to use the opportunity assassinate the dictator. Presumably, none of this goes according to plan.

The film marks the sophomore directorial effort for Evan Goldberg, Rogen’s longtime friend and writing/producing partner who made his directing debut on This Is the End. The Interview is due in U.S. theaters in early October and in North Korean theaters probably never.

Deadline: Sony Pictures

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