January 2008 Live Event Summary (Thistledown)

The world echoes with an otherworldly voice that threatens to overwhelm your ears.
A peculiar, dispassionate voice says, “Greetings, flesh beings. If you wish to confront me, do so by progressing to the coordinates 21.7S by 5.3E, nearest to the city that you call Yaraq.”
The voice continues, “Here you may attempt to rectify whatever grievances you have against my children. Be certain that you properly analyze whatever threat you may expect and prepare yourselves accordingly.”
“Relevance is irrelevant – all may present themselves, as long as one is willing to accept the risk,” the voice concludes.

Rushing to the middle of the desert, adventurers were faced with an amazing varieties of creatures: Mosswart Agitators, Drudge Seraph Mystics, and even a Giant Monouga, all summoned to this place by Aerbax. Seeking vengeance for whatever wrongs (real or imagined), the mass of warriors and mages advanced, crippling or slaying the creatures, each according to their best abilities.


The first wave of the battle was relatively short, although there were some losses on the Isparians side. A quick run back from Yaraq, and they were back in the game, however.

The second wave was more intense. Creatures such as Imps, elemental children (Verdancy and Strife, for example), as well as Mudmouth and Dark Bobo, and even Harraag were summoned by Aerbax to the battlefield. His general for this wave, however, was an incarnation of the Harbinger. In this fray were also Shadow Commanders, Shadow Sorceresses, Penumbral Shadowmages, and even a shadow of Ler Rhan. Pillars of Fire and Lightning also appeared on the battlegound. The Isparians were nearly overwhelmed, with many being sent back to their lifestones, some multiple times.


Eventually, the battle was over…for a short time. A third wave of combatants was summoned, with even more fierce antagonists than the previous waves. Claude the Dark Archmage answered the call, as well as multiple Paradox-touched Olthoi. The leader of this wave was none other than the Paradox-touched Olthoi Queen. She left a string of bodies wherever she trod, as many could not withstand her razor sharp pincers.


As Hyro Isho strikes the final blow against the Paradox-touched Olthoi Queen, a piercing howl fills your mind. Amidst the horrifying noise in your skull, you hear the following words, “You may have stopped me for a time, but you will never be rid of me. I am no simple insect that can be driven off or so simply destroyed. My Master will rid the world of you pathetic meatbags, and we will usher a new age into this reality.”

Once the final enemy had been slain, and individual adventurers returned to the desert to claim whatever belongings they had lost in their sudden (and unwilling) retreats to their lifestones, Aerbax itself appeared. It attempted to speak above the crowd, but the bloodlust was too great. Many simply attacked the Virindi, without pause. Others could hear Aerbax attempts at communication, and attempted to sway their fellows to hold their swords, spells and arrows, to try and listen to what Aerbax had to say. Later, some gathered to discuss what they could hear:

Aerbax says, “I do not seek your blood today.”
Aerbax says, “I do not choose to fight you. Are you so quick to desire death?”
Aerbax sighs…
Aerbax says, “Very well. Those who do not seek a fight, stand back.”
Aerbax says, “I shall simply leave.”
Aerbax says, “My presence here is irrelevant.
Aerbax says, “I had hoped to gather your opinions.”
Aerbax says, “So be it. I will not waste my time with such as you.”
Aerbax says, “I think I shall depart. It is clear what I must do now to stop humanity.”
Aerbax says, “Good bye.”


Although it did attempt to fight back the bloodthirsty crowd, it soon became apparent that Aerbax could not win. So, it chose to leave. After it’s departure, many bragged about how badly they had damaged Aerbax, and some claimed to have killed it outright.

As proof that Aerbax was not dead, the cold voice could again be heard by all:

I did not die…I chose to leave. Rest assured, you will find your reality begin to fade. Soon after, I shall dominate you as I have the others under my sway. I, Aerbax, do promise you. This world…all that exists…shall conform to efficiency and perfection.

Those who had been paying attention while scouring the desert for their belongings had found peculiar tokens scattered on the ground. A quick examination of the token led even the most casual observer to Vicandi, in the relatively close town of Yanshi. Handing the token to Vicandi, an adventurer would be told:

Vincadi tells you, “Aerbax was amused by your participation in this experiment. It pleases Aerbax to award you a ‘title’ and this token of esteem.”

The title, “Unwilling Participant”, seemed amazingly apt. Even though Aerbax had offered adventurers a chance at revenge, it was now apparent that its experiment would have unknowable consequences. What can the future hold? Efficiency and Perfection? And what did Aerbax learn, that taught it how to ‘stop humanity’?

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