Japanese Artist Scans Her Vagina for 3D Printing, Gets Arrested

Megumi Igarashi Vagina Boat 310x

Artist Megumi Igarashi arrested after violating Japan obscenity laws.

Tokyo-based Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi was arrested by police after sending 3D printer blueprints of her vagina to crowdfunding award recipients.

The “obscene” data was sent after Igarashi completed a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of building a boat in the shape of a vagina (which seems to have been completed earlier this year).

Due to Japanese obscenity laws, it’s illegal to transmit images of genitalia, male or female, online. The 42-year-old Igarashi, who goes by the artist name “Rokudenashiko,” sent the data to 30 people after the crowdfunding campaign ended.

“I cannot understand why the police recognize the 3D data as obscene material,” said Igarashi, according to the Kyoto News Agency.

Rokudenashiko has long been known for her genitalia-focused artwork, from “Pussy Boat,” down to smaller works, like vagina-based dioramas. Her goal is to break down the taboo surrounding genitalia in Japanese culture.

Source: iol SciTech, Kotaku

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