Japanese Erotic Game Screenshots Are Not So Erotic


Erotic games are meant to titillate and excite, but these screenshots bestow the exact opposite reaction.

The Japanese love their girlfriend simulators, but some of them are nothing more than animated manga. Real Girlfriend, as its name implies, was supposed to offer a much more realistic experience. These screenshots, however, show that when your PC is on the fritz, the realism makes it all the more freaky. Seriously, the woman pictured is not attractive, unless you have a predilection towards kabuki actresses on meth.

Then there are the other shots, which look like a scene out of CSI: Twilight Zone. I didn’t know bra-covered breasts floating above a pool of melted flesh would be so gross. Huh, I learned something today.

If you do not want to be utterly disgusted, please do not go to this gallery.

Note: These images are pretty safe for work. That is, if you have a scalpel handy to lobotomize the memory of ever having seen them from your brain.

Source: Destructoid

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