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That game that we’re never going to play just keeps sounding more and more awesome.

So if you’re not already sad enough about the unceremonious murder of Hideo Kojima amd Guillermo del Toro’s horror love-child Silent Hills, we’ve just learned that Japanese horror master Junji Ito (Gyo, Uzumaki, Tomie) was also working on the game.

If you’ve no idea who Ito is, get your hands on Uzumaki as soon as possible, and prepare to not sleep tonight.

The news comes from del Toro himself, who Tweeted that Ito was a collaborator on the cancelled project, sharing a few gruesome images from his work. The director spoke of meeting Ito in Japan a while ago, but until now we didn’t know it was due to Silent Hills.

“He was very, very shy, and I kept slapping him on the back, which was not very Japanese,” said del Toro. “Junji Ito is the only author of comics that has scared the shit out of me. When the shark takes the stairs in Gyo, grows the mechanical crab legs chasing them up the stairs, I literally threw away the comic and yelled, ‘NO!’ I was so absolutely scared.”

Another day, another reason to be pissed at Konami.

Source: Twitter

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