Japanese Splatoon Commercial Reveals Minigun, Paint Bucket


The video also gives us a sneak peak at Splatoon‘s new Rainmaker mode, as well as two new maps.

Splatoon is the game that just keeps on giving, and with Nintendo confirming that new free content is in the pipeline, a Japanese commercial for the game has given us a sneak peak at said content. While most of the new Splatoon weapons have been tweaks and variations on existing weapons, the video seems to show off two completely new ones – a Team Fortress 2-style paint minigun, and a literal bucket of paint.

It also gives us a look at two new levels – one set in an apartment complex and another set on a long, narrow, two-storied bridge – the Rainmaker mode that was leaked a little while ago, and a couple new pieces of gear.

The weapons look fun and should add some more unique flavor to the game’s ranked scene. A “repressive fire” heavy weapons type role is exactly what this game needs, while the paint bucket should fit nicely into the “up close and personal” playstyles of the inkbrush and paint roller.

The video advertised a Splatfest event running from 8-9 AM on August 3 – 9, which is presumably when all this new stuff will be released.

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