A group of Japanese gamers are quite salty over the improved PS3 port of Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia, one of the Xbox 360’s highest regarded Japanese RPGs, was released in Japan back in August 2008. Improvements made to the upcoming PlayStation 3 version, due out on September 17, have gotten some Japanese fans very upset. According to some, a game should never be improved upon when it is ported to another system, ever.

These fans created a petition and a list of demands for Namco Bandai, Vesperia‘s publisher, to comply with. What will happen if they are ignored is anyone’s guess, though somebody will probably get murdered with a giant sword. These demands require that a videogame not be distributed across multiple platforms, that it should be complete upon its first release, that porting of Tales titles be abolished completely, and that new characters such as the PS3 version’s Patty Fleur should never be added. They also demand an apology.

The Xbox 360 version of Vesperia does have a few references to new content in the PlayStation 3 version, including a mention of Patty Fleur, perhaps leading some to believe that it was simply unfinished content that the development team had time to add on the PS3. The fans’ anger could be even further justified as most probably bought an Xbox 360 just for Vesperia, and now the ultimate version is being released on the PS3.

Still, I can’t quite fully justify all of these demands. If the development team had never planned a PS3 version, but the opportunity arose and they had time to add new content that was planned in the first place, you cannot fault them. I seriously doubt that Vesperia‘s developers purposefully had an evil plan to upset the Xbox 360 version’s supporters. Plus, multiple versions on multiple platforms only allow the developer and publisher to earn more money that could go towards more Tales games. This is really just an unfortunate circumstance, but it shouldn’t diminish the fun that Xbox 360 owners had playing their own copies of of the game. It would be nice if the extra content in the PS3 version were added as free DLC for the Xbox 360 version. If that doesn’t happen, I know I’m still waiting to play Tales of Vesperia until we find out if the PS3 version is coming to North America or not.

Source: Destructoid

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