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Jason Momoa Won’t Return to DCU as Aquaman, May Play Lobo – Report


As if Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom weren’t dead in the water enough, a new report claims Jason Momoa’s future in the DC Universe is as Lobo, not Arthur Curry.

A report from Variety claims Jason Momoa will not return as Aquaman in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s reboot of all things DC film. Instead, he’s been talked with about playing Lobo in either Superman: Legacy or the character’s own standalone movie.

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Obviously, with the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, there are no discussions going on right now and the report offers little other details, but the casting is straight out of one of those old “dream casting” articles that every website used to do. While Momoa absolutely owned the role of Aquaman, he was a far shot from the blonde-haired, fish-talker of the comics. Lobo, on the other hand, is a motorcycle-riding alien bounty hunter with a terrible attitude, long hair, and a penchant for drinking and cigars. They pretty much look alike aside from the pale white skin.

This news shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone paying attention as Gunn has enthused about Momoa as an actor and the pair even had a meeting together. Momoa came out of that making it pretty clear that he may be in line to play a new role in the DC Universe, stating, “I’ll always be Aquaman. Ain’t anyone coming in there and taking shit. There might be some other characters, too. I can play other things, too. I can be funny and savage and charming.”

That’s pretty much a description of Lobo. Just when and where or even if we’ll see this funny/brutal/charming Lobo is very up in the air. Superman: Legacy is already stacked with characters from the DC Universe and cramming another in seems a bit much. Then again, Gunn, who is writing and directing the film, is a master of the ensemble superhero film so if anyone can pull it off it’s probably him.

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