With nothing to show for it, the movie and television mogul has pulled the plug on his videogame studio.

Remember when Jerry Bruckheimer unveiled Jerry Bruckheimer Games? It was 2009, and the world was a different place: Men were men, the sun still shone brightly on the British Empire and a sense of unbeatable optimism pervaded everything. Jerry Bruckheimer had never made a game but Jerry Bruckheimer wanted to make games and so by God, Jerry Bruckheimer was going to make games!

But this is 2013, and the world today is a cold, grey place. Those hopes for a brighter future have turned to ash, and all that remains is bitterness and despair. And Jerry Bruckheimer, without having ever made a game, has closed Jerry Bruckheimer Games.

The end of the dream came quietly and piecemeal; Jim Veevaert, one of the studio’s co-founders and presidents, left for Zynga in 2011, while the other, Jay Cohen, departed in 2012 and is now the chairman of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. No formal announcement of the closure was made, but the Jerry Bruckheimer Games website now redirects to Jerry Bruckheimer films and a Bruckheimer rep confirmed with GameSpot that the company is “no longer a functioning entity.”

Jerry Bruckheimer Games shuffles off its corporate coil with no announced projects.

Source: GameSpot

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