John Carmack Says Quake, Rage and More Coming to iPhone


id Software Technical Director John Carmack says the studio has several releases planned for the iPhone over the course of the next year, including Quake, Quake 2 and “something Rage-themed” as well.

id is currently working on both Rage, the debut title for the id Tech 5 engine, and a new chapter in the Doom series. But Carmack has also shown considerable enthusiasm for mobile gaming, particularly since id launched a mobile gaming division in November 2007, and told MTV Multiplayer that he intends to bring many id properties to the iPhone.

“There’s no doubt that we’ll go through Quake and Quake 2. I think that I can probably manage to do Quake 3 on the conventional iPhone platform, if Apple winds up addressing just a few things in their system software. When you start looking at the 3GS, [Quake 3] would not be a problem at all,” he said.

“We’ve got our 3 major prongs, with the classic games [Wolf 3D Classic, Doom Classic]. We have the from scratch games, that Doom Resurrection is the first of, and we’ll probably have something Rage-themed there,” he continued. “Then we’ve also got our traditional mobile games, starting with Wolfenstein RPG, which is already done and in the can, but EA thought everyone was going to be confused about Wolfenstein RPG and Wolfenstein 3D Classic. They’re sitting on that for a while and I don’t know when they’re gonna get that out.”

It almost sounds like id is on the verge of becoming known first and foremost as a mobile games developer and the company’s planned release schedule won’t do much to change that. “I expect we’ll have an iPhone project every two to three months over the next year,” Carmack predicted.

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