Nobody does instructional videos on the internet like McAfee creator and self-proclaimed eccentric millionaire John McAfee.

Is McAfee Anti-Virus slowing your PC? Is it updating at inopportune times, or blocking sites you need to access? These things happen, but fortunately John McAfee is here to help.

You’re likely familiar with Mr. McAfee’s name for one of two reasons: McAfee Anti-Virus, the software he created back in the mid-80s, or his recent and rather bizarre flight from Belize, where he’s wanted for questioning in a murder case – and which is being made into a movie. What’s he been doing since he got back to the U.S.? Boning up on his tech support skills, apparently, in order to help out those of you who are having difficulties with McAfee AV and haven’t heard that he actually resigned from the company in 1994.

There’s really nothing else to say about this except that McAfee has phenomenal delivery, and I still can’t tell if he’s legitimately crazy or just brilliant, bored and messing with the world for kicks. Either way, if more software offered tutorial videos like this, I bet we’d all be a lot handier with our computers.

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