What could be more adorable than Darth Vader frying robots with a magnifying glass? How About Boba Fett with a Han-Solo-In-Carbonite balloon?

Kid-friendly Star Wars artwork is a bit of a niche style in the greater fan art genre. That said, when it’s done right, it’s absolutely brilliant. Remember that delightful Winnie The Pooh-themed Star Wars art that popped up on the Web last year? Now there’s a series of Star Wars art featuring some of Hollywood’s most iconic villains engaged in childhood activities and … well, as you can see, Star Wars has never looked cuter.

Etsy seller The Octopus Tree House has a series of four prints starring Star Wars villains: Vader (frying a mouse droid with a magnifying glass), Jabba (eating an ice cream cone while holding a stuffed Leia doll), Boba (playing with a bubble gun and carrying around a balloon of Han Solo stuck in carbonite), and a Tusken Raider (who apparently just smashed a bantha piñata) are all represented here. Each image is incredibly cute and clever, but I think we’re all a little disappointed that Emperor Palpatine, General Grievous, and Darth Maul aren’t on display here, too.

The various prints are selling for $20 individually, or customers can buy all four for $75. Aside from these Star Wars prints, the store features a couple of other illustrations for sale that would look great adorning the wall of any young (or fully-grown) geek’s bedroom.

Source: The Octopus Tree House via Geeks Are Sexy

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