Join the LOTRO Dev Chat in Two Hours!


Several members of the Lord of the Rings Online team will be answering questions from fans in a live chat with Warcry, taking place just two hours from now.

It’s coming up in a hurry, so here’s the skinny. At 1 pm EST today, a half-dozen members of the Lord of the Rings Online development team will be joining our Warcry brethren for a live dev chat. The focus will probably be on the upcoming relaunch of the game as a free-to-play MMO, but feel free to drop in and ask them about whatever you want. The details:

Who’s Gonna Be There?

  • Kate “Nereid” Paiz – Executive Producer
  • Leo “Ransroth” Zelevinsky – Engineering Team
  • Jen “Jalessa” Gordy – Systems Team
  • Joe “jwbarry” Barry – Content Team
  • “Victorie” – Account Management Team
  • “Sapience” – Community Team

Where Is It?

Point your IRC client at 6667 in #warcouncil, with general, non-LOTRO chat going on in #warcry.

If you don’t happen to be familiar with IRC and don’t feel like taking a slightly-less-than-two-hour crash course, you can also access the chat through the Warcry browser chat link. Play nice!

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