Jun Fights Vega In New Street Fighter X Tekken Homage


Diminutive woman throws down with clawed sociopath!

Remember last week’s Street Fighter X Tekken promo clip from the wonderful people of Thousand Pounds Action Company? Apparently it started a trend, as a fellow calling himself “Mike Diva” has released his own live-action Namco Bandai/Capcom mashup video.

That’s the aforementioned video embedded at top-right, and as you’ve probably already grasped, it focuses on a fight between Street Fighter’s narcissist psychopath Vega and Tekken’s long-absent maternal figure Jun Kazama. In comparison to the Thousand Pounds video, it’s a bit more reliant on special effects, but as a result, it’s also a bit more akin to the game it seeks to homage.

Also of note is how spot-on the actor playing Vega looks. I mean seriously, dude is a dead ringer, despite the fact that the character he’s portraying is a completely fictional, slightly racist Japanese interpretation of what a nutso Spanish matador might look like.

By comparison, Jun is also very solid, but given that the character’s design is so bland to begin with, that’s not exactly a huge accomplishment.

So, having watched this video, what say you of Mr. Diva’s efforts? We can’t very well just let it co-exist peacefully with the work of Thousand Pounds Action Company, can we? I think it’s fairly apropos that we make the two things metaphorically fight to the death for our collective affection.

Now is the time to take sides.

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