Just Cause 2‘s Grappling Hook was Just What GTA V Needed


Why walk when you can simply propel yourself through the air?

One of Just Cause‘s most entertaining features was it’s grappling hook, allowing players to propel themselves around the map, hijack vehicles mid-flight, and do all sorts of other crazy stunts. Now, thanks to modder JulioNIB, PC gamers can enjoy the same experience in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V.

Check out the video above, which shows the grapple gun in action. As you can see, it functions just like it’s Just Cause counterpart. You can use the hook to propel yourself towards objects, as well as tether two objects together, and pull pedestrians and other players towards you. You can even open up your parachute mid-flight if you use the hook in the air.

Future versions of the mod aim to make it function even more like it does in Just Cause, by allowing players to hijack vehicles they are standing on top of.

To install the mod, simply follow these instructions.

Source: GTA Scripting

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