Just Cause 3 Blows Up The World This December

Just Cause 3 will add new tools for sowing choas while refining and perfecting what already worked.

Just Cause has always been a series about causing absolutely insane explosions and spectacles – how does one go about topping that for another sequel? According to Square Enix’s press event, it’s all about offering more tools for sowing chaos and perfecting what worked in previous games. For Just Cause 3, that means adding a wing suit on top of your parachute to allow for flight. It means adding a manual retract to your grapple hook to slingshot NPCs and vehicles into each other. And it means providing all kinds of ways to blow up 400 square miles of gorgeous Mediterranean countryside.

And the best part? We’ll be able to try it all out for ourselves on Dec. 1, 2015.

A new trailer released during the Square-Enix E3 press event has more story details as well – specifically about a general with plans for world domination oppressing his people. But if we’re being more honest, there are two truly exciting parts: Rico being able to slingshot NPCs and vehicles into other objects, and Rico riding an missile through the sky. After all that, I think players will be fully ready to dive back into the fray this holiday season.

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