Tropical paradise of Medici to be made better with friends.

If you’ve been feeling lonesome in your conquest of Just Cause 3, don’t worry. Company is on the way. The team behind a popular multiplayer mod for Just Cause 2 have announced they are working on a similar mod for the latest entry in the open-world franchise.

A first trailer demonstrating the mod has been released, featuring a lot of racing, including a downhill run in soapbox derby cars (do people still build those?) and some Formula 1 racers. A bit of combative play is also shown, with a few examples of air vehicles chasing players on roadways. Watch the video to its conclusion and enjoy the giant duckies which, if I’m honest, seems like they’re burying the lead.

No launch plans for the mod have been revealed as part of the announcement, but the team has stated that “frequent updates” on their progress will be coming soon. Interested parties can keep up with the project at its official website.

Source: Just Cause 3 Multiplayer

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