Katamari Damacy Rolls Up Minecraft


Hey, Mr. Creeper – I’m totally going to roll you up into a gigantic ball. Please don’t explode.

Minecraft is one of those games that is almost infinitely moddable. Tinkerers can mold the game as they please, whether it’s recreating Zelda, warping the scenery beyond recognition, thinking with Portals, or playing Minecraft while they Minecraft.

One such mod, “Kataminey Damacraft,” turns the dig-craft-build world of Minecraft into the roll-up-everything-into-a-ball world of Katamari Damacy. It’s obviously just a hack, but there’s still something strangely therapeutic about creating a giant ball made from the scenery around you.

While it’s undeniably a fun-looking mod, I can’t help but feel that it almost feels a bit pointless in Minecraft. Part of the fun of Katamari is getting big enough to roll up objects that were previously complete obstacles, and wobbling lopsidedly through the scenery. In Minecraft, every cube is the same size, so there’s not as much a sense of progression from “rolling up paperclips” to “rolling up skyscrapers.”

Ah well, it’s still pretty neat, all quibbling aside.

Bat Country Entertainment, the creators of the mod, has released a second video here showing off several of the improvements they’ve made since the first video (seen here). I would have embedded that video instead, except it doesn’t use the “Katamari on the Rocks” main theme, so it can bite me.

Pick up Kataminey Damacraft here.

(Thanks for the tip, Bitter_one13!)

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