Katamari Damacy + Thrift Store Art = Win?


A Washington woman has been spicing up some cheap thrift store artwork by channeling the King of All Cosmos and adding a hand-painted Katamari from Katamari Damacy.

You can find lots of weird stuff at thrift stores sometimes – and we do mean really weird stuff. You can also find some less crazy pieces, including artwork. Most of the time, the sort of art you’ll find at a thrift store is generically pleasing landscapes et al – you know, the sort of art that adds atmosphere but is hardly a conversation piece.

One particular woman from Everett, WA, decided to make her thrift-store artwork a conversation piece by taking her own paintbrush to the canvas after purchasing it. Loudxmouse could have added anything to the art – birds, people, a happy tree here or there – but instead opted to paint a giant rolling ball: an eponymous katamari from Namco’s cult classic Katamari Damacy.

One could imagine that the Prince of All Cosmos is there dutifully pushing the ball along, though His Tininess would be too, well, tiny to see.

Now, all we need is the King of All Cosmos in the background spawning rainbows and hallucinogenic mushrooms, and we’ll be in business.

(Via Kotaku)

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