Katana Coming to the Wii in January


Koei is releasing Katana, the latest game in their Samurai Warrior series, for the Wii in January 2008.

The gameplay in Samurai Warriors: Katana features arcade-style action on rails as you run, ride horseback, shoot, pound and slice your way through legions of opponents. From the gameplay footage, the fighting scenarios rely more on the Wii remote’s pointing capability than its motion sensitivity. The running and horseback riding segments require considerable flailing of the Wii remote, however.

Samurai Warriors: Katana boasts nearly 30 hours of gameplay and features three gameplay modes. Musou Mode is the adventure/story mode. Trial Mode tests your skills and rewards you with gold, which can be used to purchase weapons and items. Vs. Mode contains eight mini-games you can play head-to-head with a friend. There is no mention of Wi-Fi support, so you can assume the friend will need to be local.

For more informaiton on Samurai Warriors: Katana, visit the official website.

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