Critical Miss

Keep Calm and Feel Emotions



I’m actually a fan of David Cage and Quantic Dream. Or I was. I’m not sure.

Omikron was well ahead of its time, and Fahrenheit was roughly one part brilliance to two parts nonsense. Heavy Rain was ultimately disappointing, but clunkers happen and I was excited to see if Cage could improve the movie/game formula in Beyond.

Beyond, to put it as gently as possible, is a swirling vortex of bullshit from which no hope can escape. It boasts one of the worst implementations of a non-linear narrative I’ve ever seen, and when that’s combined with Cage’s fondness for straight-up lifting scenes from not-as-obscure-as-he-thinks-they-are movies, results in a game that, in defiance of all logic, manages to be completely bewildering and entirely predictable at the same time. It’s easily the worst big release of the year, if not the generation. And while I believe the movie/game crossover genre has merit, Beyond seems like a fantastic argument to the contrary.

Ultimately, the only emotion Beyond inspired in me is mild disgust that shit like this ever made it through editing.

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