Ken Levine wants to assure that promised DLC is coming, just not yet.

Sometimes you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Take videogame DLC, for instance. Gamers tend to have a muddled relationship with downloadable content. DLC that comes out too soon following, or on the same day as a game’s release, for instance, is prone to incite anger in consumers who feel developers may be trying to swindle them out content that should have been included with the primary product. On the other end of things taking too long can apparently earn you similar scorn.

Irrational Games and Ken Levine, the studio and man behind the Bioshock games and, most recently Bioshock: Infinite, have learned this fairly well in the months since the game’s March 2013 release. Some fans, especially those who purchased the game’s DLC season pass, have been wondering when they’ll see their investment pay off. Levine aware of the growing anticipation for new content asked fans to be patient via Twitter. “We are working on it- have been since the game shipped,” said Levine. “Things are going well, but plz understand: game development takes time.”

Sadly, Levine’s comments included no timetable for a release of the in-development DLC. That said, it’s currently only been three months and, considering that Bioshock: Infinite itself was well worth its years long wait, gamers can probably muster the patience to wait and see what Levine and company have in store for them. In the mean time, if fans just feel the urge to buy something related to the game, the Columbia’s Finest equipment DLC just launched and can be purchased for $4.99. It’s not story content, but you never know, a few new weapons might tide you over.

Source: Game Informer

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