What’s Kevin Butler advertising this time around? ModNation Racers, but who cares! He has a mustache!

I have made my love for the Kevin Butler advertising campaign more than clear at this point, so I see no real reason to reiterate all of it: Simply put, he’s the best thing to happen to Sony since Final Fantasy VII. Yes, I’m fully aware that they’re just commercials, but they’re just so damn funny and well-made that it really doesn’t matter to me!

This time around, he’s reassuring and encouraging some poor gamer worried that the mighty Steve will be able to defeat him on his very own ModNation Racers track. What follows may be the greatest 80s sports inspirational speech seen since 1989.

Well, it may be. It might not be, too. But there’s something about that mustache that’s just… hypnotizing. It’s like an aura of command.

Oh, and I guess ModNation Racers looks pretty cool too, or something.

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