The new game from Robot Loves Kitty can be purchased for PC, Mac, and Linux with immediate “near-beta” access.

Back in November, indie development team Robot Loves Kitty launched the Kickstarter for its new game, Legend of Dungeon. Outside of a vague-sounding title, the game advertised procedurally-generated side-scrolling dungeons that four players could loot and explore to their hearts content. Given the recent success of dungeon crawlers like Legend of Grimrock, the results shouldn’t be surprising: The game reached its $5000 goal within 24 hours, and earned six times that amount before closing. Now Robot Loves Kitty is releasing a “near-beta” version of the game for non-backers to experience. Anyone who purchases Legend of Dungeon from its official site will get immediate access to the alpha build, future access to beta and final versions, and two upcoming expansions.

Legend of Dungeon puts the player and three friends into the shoes of randomly generated adventurers seeking adventure and fortune. After learning of a treasure within an ever-changing dungeon, the players attempt a journey down its deadly 26 floors and back, facing monsters and traps along the way. The quest won’t be easy, as players face increasingly larger and dangerous foes the farther they go, with nothing but permadeath to reward their likely failure.

Legend of Dungeon features a unique mash-up of gameplay genres and visuals. Roguelike and Beat-Em-Up side-scrollers are the most obvious inspirations, but there’s also Spelunky‘s procedurally-generated environments, Spellbrothers: Sword and Sorcery‘s pixelated visuals, and Legend of Grimrock‘s love of dungeon crawling. That’s a fair amount of content to integrate within a single title while developing its own sense of identity. As the attached trailer shows, Robot Loves Kitty seems to be doing a great job on that score so far.

Even in its alpha state, Legend of Dungeon provides a solid gameplay experience. It could use a little tweaking to orient new players (I managed to get myself killed during the intro tavern level), but for a $10 price tag that includes all future updates, it’s certainly worth taking a look at. Customers can also buy the game’s $15 dollar soundtrack edition, or vote on Legend of Dungeon‘s Steam Greenlight page if you’d like to see it on Valve’s digital platform.

Source: Legend of Dungeon, via Joystiq

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