Kid Brings Gun to School to Trade for PSP


A middle school in Tacoma, Washington was placed under lockdown after a 13-year-old boy brought a gun to school – not to shoot anybody, but to trade for a Playstation Portable.

Say you were a 13-year-old boy (this is, of course, assuming that you aren’t) who really, really wanted a PSP. What would you do in order to get it? You could ask your parents to buy one for you, you could save your allowance, you could mow lawns or walk dogs … or you could trade for one. Surely, you could find some videogame enthusiast willing to part with his Playstation Portable if you gave him the right item he so coveted!

Unfortunately, in this case, said item happened to be a handgun. Police locked down Mason Middle School in Tacoma, WA, after the boy was found with a pistol taken from his father’s gun collection. The student in question had ammunition with him, though the gun was not loaded and, according to the police, no one was hurt. However, the student’s father reported that a second weapon had also gone missing from his collection, which, as far as has been reported, has not yet been found.

The student is currently in juvenile detention. He is also an idiot. How can anybody – 13-year-old or not – think that this would be a remotely good idea? Ever? For that matter, what about the kid who wanted to trade his PSP for the gun? That seems slightly more worrisome to me than the one who was willing to part with his (father’s) weaponry to get his hands on a PSP.

Handgun for a handheld – not exactly the fairest trade, here.


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