E3 2015

Killer Instinct is Coming to PC


Killer Instinct on PC will feature full cross-play with the Xbox One version.


This E3’s PC Gaming Show was… a little disappointing, but there were a few nuggets of good information tucked in there. One of which was when Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer came on to announce that former Xbox One exclusive Killer Instinct would be making its way to PC some time in the near future.

Spencer went on to say that people will be able to play on PC and then on console, “play back and forth,” confirming that just like Capcom’s Street Fighter V, the game will feature cross-play.

Spencer neglected to give any further details on the PC version of the game, including when it will be released, how much it will cost, and which digital launcher you’ll have to install to run the damn thing.

The official Killer Instinct Twitter would later confirm that the game is only coming to Windows 10.

Killer Instinct launched with the Xbox One in 2013, as a free-to-play game with microtransactions. Free players could choose a single, rotating free fighter, and players could purchase additional fighters outright. Its been adding new fighters since then, and will currently set you back $40 to unlock all of the released fighters.

We’re assuming it will work more or less the same way on PC.

This is fairly big news for the fighting game community. With both of the big “exclusive” fighters (Street Fighter V and now Killer Instinct) making their way to PC, alongside the wide compatibility it has with fight sticks, will we see PC become the dominant fighting game platform? Never thought I’d say those words…

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